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4-Person Horizontal Lifeline Kit

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FallTech 4-Person Horizontal Lifeline Kit

The 4-Person Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Kit is a unique HLL system engineered to accommodate up to four men. Comes complete with double braided rope, ratcheting device, two carabiners, two pass-thru anchors, four sliding attachment rings and a carry bag. No special tools required for installation. Double-braided synthetic rope HLL is rated for 4 persons over a maximum span of 75'. Tensioner is self-adjusting, requiring no special tools for installation. Can be installed and removed in minutes. Must use with SRL or shock-absorbing lanyard. Can be mounted with 2 #7372R  anchor slings (included) or used with optional stanchions. 

  • Double Braided Synthetic Rope
  • Line Tensioner
  • 4 O-Rings
  • 2 Carabiners
  • 2 Pass Through Anchors
  • Storage Bag