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7' Single Blow Blocker

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Guardian 7' Single Blow Blocker
Hooks :

The 7' Single Blow Blocker Web SRL includes a high strength snap hook, rebar hook, or an aluminum rebar hook. This product is an exciting addition to our line of retractables. The nano of self retracting lifelines, this seven foot (7') retractable is extremely lightweight, fits nicely in your and offers the worker safe mobility when using a lanyard type product. 

  • Lightweight system in conjunction with our industry leading 3,600 lb. aluminum rebar hook 
  • Super strong housing designed for harsh construction environments 
  • Left and Right Indicators to eliminate the hazard of line entanglement 
  • Guides for webbing that are specifically designed for use with the retractable providing longer life for the units 
  • Swivel Top feature for better unit mobility 
  • Disposable Unit