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Velocity Harness

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Guardian Velocity Economy Harness
Small - Large

The new Velocity Harness by Guardian Fall Protection brings the best economy harness to the market. Our engineers revamped the tired old basic harness into a higher quality product that your employees and customers are sure to enjoy. This style of harness features dual lanyard keepers that reduce the risk of dragging and snagging lanyards. A special identification label allows for your employees to personalize their harness without jeopardizing the integrity of the webbing. The harness comes equipped with finished webbing ends to prevent them from fraying or getting damaged as well as providing a clean and professional look. The unique red webbing core of the harness provides a visual warning to the user in the case that the webbing has been damaged and should be taken out of service.

  • Dual Lanyard Keepers
  • Identification Label
  • Finished Webbing Ends
  • Webbing 'Wear' Indicator